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Why Partner with Us?

Our partners are more than just a commitment to us

At Mobile Screenwala, we’re deliberate about our partners’ success. We provide a great Mobile Repair platform, impeccable services as well as support that consistently make them an integral part of the Mobile Screenwala community. Our motto is not to compete with our partners but to grow them!

In today’s era everyone owns a mobile phone and some or the other time it gets malfunctioned or broken down. This emphasized that the cell phone repair industry is here to stay and continue. Thus there is no better way to tap into this highly lucrative market than having franchises with Mobile Screenwala.

Partner With Us

Our Vision

  • To be the worldwide leader in providing mobile screen repair services.
  • To be seen as industry leading providers of quality service to our customers

Why To Choose Mobile Screenwala Franchisee

Franchising with us means anything from bulk mobile repair orders to long-term franchisee collaboration. Joining forces with the Mobile Screenwala delivers our partners’ tangible benefits.

In House Repair Factory

Mobile Screenwala has one of the biggest repair factories in Delhi for non-warranty mobile screen repairs which can cater to the need of repairs of devices unrepairable at Franchisee dint get this part

Best Brand Value

Mobile Screenwala is one of the best names in mobile screen repair business/services. Customers won't give second thought to get their mobile screen repaired at Mobile Screenwala

Genuine Spares Sourcing

Out vast experience and expertise have enabled us to get best quality spare parts at best prices and it enables us to give customer, quality repairs at low cost

Huge amount of Experience

We serve in mobile repair business from last 10 years and worked extensively and excellently in this industry

The Mobile Repair Industry

Our world’s population is more than 7B, and there are 6.5B mobile phones. That’s nearly about 93% of the market penetration. If we talk about India, there are 340M smartphone and 54M tablet users. The average person carries 1-1.5 mobile devices. With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, more and more Indians are seeking its repair services.

The Mobile Service & Repair Market by Numerals:

  • 91% of smartphone owners keep their phone with them at all times
  • 30% of smartphone owners accidentally damage their devices in the very first year of purchase
  • 17% of smartphone owners have damaged their phone more than once
  • Accidental damage to a mobile device is 10 x’s more likely than loss or theft
  • 50% of college students have damaged their smartphone